Problem, Please help

Ok, I unplugged my e260 from my computer about an hour ago after putting new music on it a few minutes before. It was done sync and everything. The screen went to a blue screen thats got waves in it. Now my computer is saying their is nothing in the drive. I tried the recovery and still nothing. I cant turn it off either. What can I do???

Well you probably didn’t successfully turn it off. Hold down power for 15 seconds or remove the battery, then try. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Oh no … blue screen of death!! *dundunduuuun*

Just kidding, all is not lost. :slight_smile:

First, was the player in MSC or MTP mode? If it was MSC, you need to be sure to do the “Safely Remove” steps, otherwise you can end up corrupting the data on your player. MTP mode, long as it doesn’t say “Writing”, you can just unplug it.

Andre’s suggestion of holding the power buttong down for 15 (though it can take up to 30!) seconds should get the player to power down. Once that happens, try turning it back on. Do you get the same results? If so, you may just need to reinstall the firmware.

The best way to do that would be (if you’ve still got the blue screen) to put the player into Recovery Mode, connect it to your computer and download, install and run the Firmware Updater that you can get from the Sandisk website (there are links to it floating around too). If that won’t take, you may have to do the rollback that’s floating around here instead and THEN update the firmware.

Anyway, that’ getting ahead of myself - first let’s see what happens when you turn it off and then back on again. :smiley: