e260 Version One. Just stuck on SANDISK screen

This unit has been buggy for a little while.  So could not get the unit to get beyond the SANDISK start up screen.  So I went to load the firmware files by holding the RECORD key and getting to default to the USB setting.  Then I copy the firmware files over.  They are BL_SD_boardSupportSD.rom and PP5022.mi4.  Then I disconnect the unit and looks like it reloading.  However it come back to the SAN DISK screen and will not go beyond that.  Please help.



You might try taking the back off (4 screws). Look above the battery for a small grey or black piece of foam. This protective foam pad is designed to hold the memory chip/board under it onto the main board. It doesn’t always work and this ‘daughterboard’ has been known to wiggle (or be jarred) loose.

Press down on it. You may feel, or even hear a soft click as it snuggles back into the socket. Now see if it will fire up or accept the firmware re-load.