My Clip won't Sync with Windows Media Player or Windows Media Center.

Hi all, 

I am new here and I have an issue with my Sansa Clip, which I am sure is covered somewhere else, but haven’t the time to sift through thousands of posts.  I am unable to Sync my Clip with Windows Media Player ver. 11 or Windows Media Center.  I AM able to load music onto my clip via Windows Explorer, however.  I do have my Clip in MSC mode; however, when I put it in MTP mode, my computer tries to load a driver and always fails.  I am running Windows Vista Home Premium.  I have tried to apply the procedure in item 5 on the clip faqs page, but all it does is load the Sansa Updater on my computer, and the updater lists that the user manual is the only available update.  I have tried emailing Sansa Help several times over the last few weeks from the Clip faq page, but I haven’t heard anything back.



I should also state the WMP or WMC do not indicate that my Sansa Clip is connected. The Clip does show up under “My Computer”, but when I open up WMP, and click on Sync, the open window pane on the right says, “Connect a Device”, even after I click on “Refresh Devices” under the Sync menu.


in Explorer, look at the clips root folder, there may be a file called wmpinfo.xml. Delete that file and then try reconnecting to WMP again.


When I go into Explorer, I see my Clip is called the “K Drive”. When I open that “drive” I see the following folders: AUDIBLE, AUDIOBOOKS, MUSIC, PODCASTS, and RECORD, as well as 3 “sys” files: MTABLE.SYS, RES_INFO.SYS, and SYS_CONF.SYS, and another file called version.sdk.  Am I looking in the right spot?  I looked through the folders and didn’t see anything called wmpinfo.xml.



You are looking in the right place. Try unistalling the device from Device manager. Then disconnect and reconnect the device so the Computer reloads its drivers for the device. IF you can get your computer to use MTP it should work better in WMP.

If you can update the firmware to the latest version using explorer drag and drop it would be helpful. See the firmware update instructions at the top of the forum.