Windows media telling me to connect clip when syncing but its already connected :(

Hi all got my first clip 8gb spent a few hours sorting it out yday put 10 albums on it no prob then it started saying connect clip when it was already connected :frowning: you have to excuse me lm not techno minded lol, anyway l dragged files into the box and above showed a pic saying connect device BUT at the bottom of the media player it showed  snsa 8gb clip connected now l cannot put any more music on my clip what do l do?  sync dont work at all Thanks for any replies x Please help if you can its spoiling my sunday afternoon lol

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Plug in your Clip.

Let’s look into what’s happening.  Does the display say “connected”?  Do you hear Windows announcing the device with it’s bah-ding sound?

Press the [windows key] + E together, and a WIndows Explorer window will pop up.  We want to see what mode the Clip is being seen in.  If it is listed under other , the device is in MTP mode; if it’s listed as a flash drive under devices with removable storage , it’s in MSC mode.  Let us know how it shows up.  MTP mode works best with Windows Media Player, but either mode can be used.

Between the two, MTP is a virtual mode that is more difficult to establish.  But we can fix that, especially if it was “talking” earlier.

With the Clip connected, open the Device Manager.  Handy shortcut: [Windows Key] + [Pause/Break Key], then Hardware tab, select Device Manager.

First, look for the wee yellow triangle of doom, pointing to the problematic device.

Usually, if the device is being recognized as an MTP device (media player), you should see it under Portable Devices.  If ti’s there, here’s the magic:

Right click on the Sansa, and select uninstall.  How cool was that!  Scary, actually, since it isn’t what you’d normally think of selecting, if you’re trying to install a device.  But then again, Microsoft got us all to turn off our computers by beginning with the Start button.

If this was the case, unplug your Sansa, Reboot the PC , then once it stabilizes, plug in again.  The wee balloon for New Device Found should pop up, and you’ll be in business.

If the device was NOT listed under Portable Devices, it’s listed at the end of the tree, but hidden.  Expand Universal Serial Bus Controllers, and begin with the last USB Root Hub listing.

Right click on each one, and select Properties, then click on the Power tab.  After clicking the Power tab, the Sansa, if there, will show up.  Then click on the Driver tab, and select uninstall , followed by unplugging your Sansa, then rebooting the PC as above.

Let me know how it goes!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Hi Neutron bob :slight_smile: l dont know if the problem lies with this laptop but will try again on desk top tommorow When l get my computer up the sansa is NOT showing at all! Infact the only place it shows is when lm on media/library/rip… the music is ripped but l cannot go any further cant finish off l think the best thing for me to do is try again on the desktop pc as l have no administrator rights on this laptop its my daughters. Thing is l looked at a sticky yesterday and followed it and put the albums on no trouble then it stopped letting me  L cant remember all the messages etc l should of kept a note of them the only thing l can remember is in windows media after l had dragged music into list box on the right hand side was a pic of the sansa saying no device connected BUT at the bottom of the screen on the wm player it said sansa 8gb clip detected or similar and it just wont let me continue. I hope l have not pickled your brain as much as l have mine lol lve been at it for hours trying to sort it out with no luck so think it best if l leave it for today before l go nuts lol Thanks for your help will keep your notes and try again tommorow :frowning: thanks again x

 Hi sorted :slight_smile: went into settings usb then changed it :slight_smile: working fine or was :frowning: Now my sensa has decided not to come on at all after doing lots today is this common?

Try a simple soft reset : slide the power switch up to the ON position, and hold it in that position for 10-15 seconds, then release.  Then see if it powers up normally.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Hi Bob :slight_smile: thanks for your help did all the recommnended things and it still wouldnt work so left it   offall night then attached it to the pc next day and it come on no prob :) I think lm just too impatient lol anyway l have a new little icky problem… some of my albums seem to be missing… they were on l listened to them enough and now there not in the list any more :frowning: am l over looking somewhere? Cheers Bob x

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