Let me ask this..............

Not very tech smart so I need some help.  If my clip is saying that it is connected but not showing on my computer how do I figure out if it really is connected? 

Its not connected if its not in My Computer.

Please tell us more to help narrow your issue down.

What Service Pack do you have?

What version of Windows Media Player do you have?

Has the Clip ever worked on this computer?

Does the Clip connect to another computer?

Do you have another MP3 player that works on this computer?

It does not show up on my computer.  I am running XP, I do not have another MP3 to try and I do not have another computer to try.  It has worked on this computer before and I am running the most recent version of Media Player.  I would appreciate any more help that you can give me.  Thank you.

The next step is to check your Device Manager.

  • Right Click on My Computer
  • Left Click on Manage
  • The last item under System Tools will be Device Manager,
  • Left Click on Device Manager to open the list of devices in the right side of the panel.
  • Left Click on the + sign to the left of Univesal Serial Bus controllers

Do you see an Unknown Device? 

Do you see a USB Mass Storage Device? If you see this one, open it and verify the Location on the General tab is Sansa Clip to make sure it is not a driver for another USB device.

Do you see a Sansa Clip driver under Portable Devices?

Do you see a Sansa Clip driver under Other Devices?

If you see one of these, left click on the driver to open it. Check the Device Status on the General tab. Note any Error codes.

Now left click on the Driver tab. Left click on Uninstall, the last button.

Disconnect your player and connect it again.

If you see it in My Computer, the problem was the the driver errored out.

If you do not see the player in my Computer, check the driver again and tell us what error code is there. 

Ok I have 2 unknown devices, no mass storage device and I do not see any place that says portable or other devices.  Once again thank you for your help.

Uninstall the Unknown devices by left clicking on them to open them. Then select the Driver tab. Left click on Uninstall, the last button. Disconnect your Clip. Turn the Clip off. Connect it again. Does it show in my Computer now?

Ok I uninstalled the drivers and then reconnected clip.  I get a message that says that a new device was not installed successfully and then about 5 seconds later I get a message that says that it was installed successfully but it does not show up on my computer. I tried this twice and the same thing happened both times. Thank for the help that you are giving me. 

Perhaps your computer is having a problem installing the MTP drivers. It sounds like it from the messages you told us about.

Let’s try MSC mode.

Disconnect the Clip.

Go to the Setting menu

Select USB Mode

Select MSC

Connect the Clip

Do you see the Clip in My Computer?

If you do not find USB Mode, selet Info. What Firmware version do you have?

I did not see anything for USB but I am running version V01.01.11A.

To manually connect in MSC mode:

  1. Turn Clip off.
  2. Set Hold on.
  3. Hold Select (Center) button down.
  4. Connect the Clip to the PC via the USB cable.
  5. When the PC says “Found new Hardware” let the button go.

If you update to the latest version via the pinned thread to the top of this forum, you will have USB mode.

Clip Firmware Thread
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