Help>My Sansa Clip will not Sync with WMP or Windows Media Center

Hi all, 

I am new here and I have an issue with my Sansa Clip, which I am sure is covered somewhere else, but haven’t the time to sift through thousands of posts.  I am unable to Sync my Clip with Windows Media Player ver. 11 or Windows Media Center.  I AM able to load music onto my clip via Windows Explorer, however.  I do have my Clip in MSC mode; however, when I put it in MTP mode, my computer tries to load a driver and always fails.  I am running Windows Vista Home Premium.  I have tried to apply the procedure in item 5 on the clip faqs page, but all it does is load the Sansa Updater on my computer, and the updater lists that the user manual is the only available update.  I have tried emailing Sansa Help several times over the last few weeks from the Clip faq page, but I haven’t heard anything back.  I should mention that WMP and Windows Media Center will not even recognize that I have my Clip plugged into my computer via a USB port.