My 64 Gb Micro SdXC Not recognized by Phone or PC.

Hello my name is Martin and I have a problemo.

I formatted my card into EXFAT but now phone and PC running W7 wont regognize it anymore. 

If I plug it in my pc I hear that sound but it will not pop up as a drive and device management it is visible as a usb card but my phone doesn’;t see it at all.

Please do help me it cost 80 euros and I m scared I cant use it anymore.

@martin1980 wrote:


I formatted my card into EXFAT

Why? They come formatted from the factory as exFAT.

@martin1980 wrote:


. . . but now phone and PC running W7 wont regognize it anymore. 

You may need a Windows patch/update on your computer to recognize the newer format, or your method/software to re-format it was faulty. Your phone may or may not support exFAT, depending on how old it is. There may or may not be a patch/firmware update for it to do so. Check with your phone mfg. website.

What phone is it?

I put a 64g SDXC card in my Samsung GS3. Took the battery out first, and then did NOT format it. Has been working fine.

This is after getting a RMA on a 32g SDHC card that went bad in the phone.

I believe that if you’re going to use one of these cards in your phone, leave it there and use a different method to transfer files.

There have been an extraordinary amount of complaints about Samsung GS3 phones and Sandisk SDHC cards.