SanDisk 64GB microSDXC speed issues

I recently bought the above card for use in my smartphone (HTC Sensation). I had to format it in FAT32 as the phone is not compatible of exFAT but with special tools that was possible even under windows (which normally doesnt allow FAT32 for over 32GB). The card works normally when using in my PC via cardreader, i get writing speeds of about 11 or 12 MB/s.

The card is recognized by the phone without any problems, BUT when transferring files via USB from the PC to the card in the phone, i only get about 5 MB/s. The odd thing is tho: when using my other 32GB card i get transfer speed of at least 9 MB/s. Both cards are Class 10, so there shouldnt be any difference in speed? Dont really understand this…

There are reasons why the 64GB cards are formatted as exFAT instead of FAT32. I think you have found one of them.