Micro SDHC Failed to Format

I have an 8gb micro SDHC card that I have been using with my Samsung Rogue phone. I pulled it out today and plugged it inot my card reader to add more files to it. My computer did not automatically detect it. When I check it in Windows Explorer, I see it as a drive, but if I click on the drive, Windows says “Please Insert Disk”. I placed it back in my phone and now my phone does not recognize any of the files. I have tried reformatting in both in my phone and in Windows, but I get error messages saying that the “Format Failed”. Is the card junk now, or is there a way to fix this?

i believe Samsung uses a proprietary file system with SDHC cards…i have a 2GB card that the Rogue formats into fat32 and a SanDisk 16GB card that i can’t seem to be able to reformat into a standard file system.  Windows 7 nor Ubuntu 10.04 can read the files on my 16gig card.  the best way i have found getting files on or off the phone is via Bluetooth. i’m currently looking for an app that can reformat this card into fat32 or NTFS…maybe a smart cookie at SanDisk can help us out =]