16gb Micro Sdhc Card size problem

Hi guys

About six months ago, I purchased a Micro SDHC card for an android tablet. I never used it as I didn’t like the tablet and got rid.  Now, I’ve just bought myself a new smart phone to replace my iphone and figured I would use the card for the phone.  I put the card in a reader attached to my laptop.  The reader identifies the card as being 8mb and says it is unformatted. When I click to format it, it says it can’t format the card. I’ve tried it in another card reader with the same card and it is the same problem.

The place I purchased the card from says its over six months since I bought it and they won’t do anything about it.


Sounds like a counterfeit card to me. You can verify it by calling SanDisk Tech Support. If it’s genuine and defective, they’ll replace it for you.