32GB SDHC card class 10 - formatting


I recently bought the above card and according to the Camcorder manufacturer (Samsung; model HMX-H200) I formatted the card through the camcorder. However this caused the card not to be recognised by my PC (new HP model; Win7 64-bit) (whether I insert it in the SD card reader or connect the camcorder via USB). My PC is asking to format the card in order to be able to recognise it. Could you please advise if I can restore the card to its original default settings?

Also what should the following be:
-file system - FAT32, NTFS, etc.?
-allocation unit size - 16kb, 32kb, or “default allocation size”, etc.?

Is it correct that a 32GB card formatted with FAT32 cannot use more than 4GB?

I shall be grateful if you could please respond asap.

Thank you for your kind co-operation.

EDIT: is there a way to transfer the videos I have made to my PC (I can still watch them on the camera, but fear they will be deleted once I format the card)? My problem is that the card is recognised neither by built in laptop card reader, separate card reader or when I connect the camcorder via USB!

Im not familure with your camera but it is possible it uses exFAT if it is a newer model. If this is the case and you have any operating system you will need to install a patch for exFAT support. this can be found on the microsoft KB. 

if the camera does not use exFAT then the format should be FAT32 with default allocation size

the videos can be transfered to the PC but if it is not recognizing the format then you will have to format it first. as long as format complete sucessfully you can use a recovery program to recover the data. make sure you use quick format though. 

FAT32 has a limit that one single file can only be 4GB or less. you will be able to use the entire capacity of the card however. 

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Indeed ,it can be recognized since your computer ask to format it. You just can’t open it!In this case, I think you should rely on some data recovery software.

Firstly, you ought to recover the data from this SDHC card to avoid losing them.For software,you can use the one I used before.Then,you can format it to check out whether it can be fixed.Hope this helps!Luck!
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