Why don't my video files show on laptop?

Hi, I got a 64gb sdxc card to use in my JVC Everio HD camcorder. I formatted the card on the camcorder and took a few hours footage and a few photos. 

I have now tried to transfer the files to my HP laptop which uses Windows 10 with the intention of editing the footage on Power Director 14; however, when I put the card in the laptop it only shows a few photos in the folders. I cannot find any video footage on the card. I have also tried to connect the camera to the laptop and transfer but with the same result. When I put the sdxc back into the camera I can playback the footage so I know the files are on there.

What am I missing? How can I get the videos onto the laptop?

All help appreciated! Thanks 

What is the format of the card? Is it FAT32 by chance? The reason I ask is because FAT32 has maximum size limits, and larger video files rapidly surpass this limit. Many SD cards use FAT32 as a default (although aparently SanDisk now uses ExFAT, which surprises me.) If all of the above is the case, formatting the card in ExFAT should fix the issue. If your camera is relatively modern it should support ExFAT.

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