sdhc 8gb memory card shows my recorded vids on my cell phone,but NOT on my Dell laptop,why ?

             My laptop used to be able to detect the videos on my sdhc memory card i had on there,but not anymore.My laptop will detect pictures,songs,and contactees,but not my vids.why? It used to show them on my laptop,but not anymore.The vids will always show up on my cell phone,just not my laptop.I’ve tried everything which is why I’ve come to this forum for help.Anybody have any ideas or clues? Do i need to redownload software or a driver? did i delete something on my laptop I shouldn’t have?

I need a lil help here people because i’ve seriously tried everything in humanly power to get my vids to show up on my laptop,and they never,ever do! :confounded:

My laptop is a dell latittude d420 intel core solo,windows xp