64 SDXC will only read in Camera?

Hi, looked around and saw some similar ish threads but not the same, forgive me if this has been asked before.

I got a Panasonic HX-WA2 and purchased a 64GB SANDISK SDXC card for it.  Recorded some film and photos - all good.

However, when I take the card out it won’t read in any  other card readers.  I have a macbook pro and have aslo tried on a number of (at least 5) Windows 7 machines - all say it needs formatting (except the mac which just cant read it).  I have one other SD card that they can all read, though this is a very small one in comparison, 2GB or something.

I am not sure if the Macbook pro (2012 model) reader would support the card, but I know that at least one of the Win 7 card readers said it can read cards this size and type.

Also, when I put it back in the camera - it sees all the stuff on there, so I know the data is on the card and can be read.

If I connect the camera via USB to read the card it again says it needs formatting.

Any ideas?

Many thanks


Not all card readers can support 64GB SDXC.

Try some SDXC-compatible card readers.

If the problem persist, try to format the card.

If still persist, then the card is totally dead.

Call SanDisk and get an exchange.

Hi - thanks for taking the time to resond.  I do need a bit more clarty from anyone that can provide:

I have tried card readers that are supposed to be able to read this card.

  1. If I format - I lose all the data on the card right?  There are a lot of photos and a few vids on there that the camera can still see fine.

  2. If the card is “totally dead” why would the camera still be able to read all the data on it fine and still write to it and delete from it?


I would just format, but really don’ want to lose some treasured pictures of my baby that are on there.