SanDisk Ultra SDXC1 64GB will not format on camera

I just bought a SanDisk SDXC1 64 GB Class 10 SD Card from Amazon for use on a Nikon D60 camera.   Knowing the recommendation to format an SD card on the camera, I issued a FORMAT on the Nikon camera, and gets back a message saying “Card is Full.”    I tried multiple times…same message every time.   I brought the SD Card to my Windows 7 computer, and did a format there and Windows does successfully format the card.   Re-inserted the SD Card back into the camera, and the camera says that card is not formatted.   So, I tried to FORMAT again on the camera, and same thing, “Card is Full” message.

In the past, I had been using an 8 GB SD Card, and that formats normally on the camera.

Any idea why the SanDisk 64 GB SD card will not format on the camera?   Could the card be defective?   Could the card be too big (64 GB) for the camera?   Any ideas are appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

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A 64GB card is SDXC format, where 32GB and less are SDHC format.

Is your camera SDXC-compliant?

SHXC cards are pre-formatted exFAT. Takes a special format program to do it in a special reader.


It should also be used for SDHC cards.