sdxc problem

I have a 64gb sdxc card that is giving me problems. I can record images in my camera, but when I insert it in my card reader I get the error message, “The disc you inserted was not readable by this computer.” The card came from Adorama, which is a reputable outfit with a long history. The card reader is a new Lexar dual disc USB 3, and reads my 32gb sdhc dics and CF discs just fine. Computer is an Intel Mac running 10.5.8. Software includes Image Capture, Photoshop and Lightroom. Tried Disc Utility to no effect. Suppose it is the size of the card that is giving me problems?

Any help wouldbe greatly appreciated.

It’s not the size of the card, so much as it is the SDXC format. This is a brand-new format that only XC-compliant devices will read. And they are few and far between at this stage of the technology development game. You’ll most likely have to update your computer, and/or wait for the rest of the industry to catch up to this latest advent.

Theoretically, you could re-format it to NTFS for more compatibility with other devices until that time, but this is impossible if you can’t connect it to a computer that can do that in the first place.

I was afraid that would be the answer. Since I can’t see messing with an OS that is rock solid or with programs that are working just fine as they are, I guess I’ll just see if I can return it for another sdhc card.

Thanks for your help.