memory card

I am using windows xp OS,I have some issues with my memory card
it shows this details
Used space: 812 MB
free space: 1.05 GB
but when i am not even able to view its contents,or transfer any data to it,I can’t even format it.

What size is the card? Did you try a different card reader? If the card is over 2GB then it is SDHC format. Not all readers work with this format. You have to make sure it is SDHC compliant.

In the disk management I can see Disk 0 and Disk 1(i.e. my memory card)
In disk 1 it shows
1.85 GB FAT 36 MB
HEALTHY Unallocated

when i am right clicking i get format
in that i get
volume label new volume
file system FAT & FAT32
Allocation unit size default and various like 64,512,etc
when i am selecting fat or fat32
formatting starts it goes upto 80-99% after that i get

logical disk manager

the format did not complete successfully
there is no option of Ntfs or like that
help me…