MicroSD card fix

Could someone possibly help me out with my SanDisk ultra 32Gb MicroSD card? Long story short, my phone screwed up and it apparently screwed up my MicroSD card as well.

I tried searching everywhere trying every solution I can find to this problem, but to no avail.

The problem is that the MicroSD card is not recognized by Windows since it is for some reason formatted in RAW. None of the windows command prompts work on the card since it is formatted in RAW. However, I cannot format the card back to NTFS or FAT since it says that there is not enough space on the card. This is because the size of the card shows only 30 Mb as its capacity. I tried to create and wipe partitions but that doesn’t seem to work either. I’m stuck and do not know what to do. Has anyone come across this before and have a solution?

I’d really appreciate any help with this. Thanks

Usually this means the card is DOA, but you might try re-formatting with the SD Association’s formatting tool.