Music List Bug


Just got my 4GB Sansa Clip today.  I added a bunch of music.  I noticed song names for some of the MP3’s displayed incorrectly.  For example, “04 So Above, Far Below” was “._04 So Above, Far Below”.  Then when I tried to play these songs the Clip would just skip over them automatically.  It even froze when trying to play once.  I converted these songs to a different bitrate; that worked and I could play them.  (They seemed to be VBR’s or at weird bitrates.)  However, the old song remains displayed in the music browser, even though there is no song on the Clip.  The reformatted songs are on the Clip as well with file names displayed correctly.  I can’t select delete song from the options because the Clip just skips over these songs.  But I also have already deleted them from the Clip’s memory anyway.  How do I stop them from displaying?

P.S. - I am running a MAC.



Those are actual files that were created on the clip when you added songs from your Mac. For every song you add, it will ad a file like that. Since they start with a period, they are hidden when looking at the clips files on your Mac, though. If you upgrade to the latest firmware, I believe the Clip will automatically delete those files for you.

In the mean time, you can delete them via the Terminal on your Mac if your comfortable with that or plug in the clip to a PC and delete them there. You may be able to find them by doing a search for hidden files on your clip from the Mac as well. My Mac’s at home, so I can’t check for sure right now.

Ultimately, the answer is to upgrade the firmware, though.

You also may be able to delete them by re-formatting your Clip (under Settings); this will erase all of your music, however.

Updated to the newest firmware; worked like a charm.  Thanks a million.