My Sansa Clip+ has a "glitch"

I just recently got a Sans Clip+ and I had just added songs to it. All the songs work perfectly, but when I try to “Play All” of my songs, it only plays the first song, and skips half of the songs.

The song titles are read ._ to every song, and it skips. I do not know what I did wrong, but I can’t fix it.

In order for me to listen to my songs, I have to go through ‘Artists, Albums, or Songs’

What type of computer/operating system are you on?

Sounds like you used a mac to transfer your files. The files that have the _. in the file name are so your mac or iPod can ‘find’ the file. These are empty files and have to be deleted from any non-pod device.

If you search around here on the forum, or on the web in general, you’ll find more discussions on this phenomenon. There’s even an app written exclusively to delete these. I can’t remember the name of it at the moment, but you’ll find it if you poke around.

Exactly; why I was asking the OS.

The  use of Kopymac software (freeware; do a search engine search for it) avoids the Mac’s adding of problematic additional files.

I use two types.

MAC & Dell

@irock wrote:

I use two types.


MAC & Dell

Do yourself a favor . . . stick to one. Preferably the Dell for the fewest problems all 'round.

For the Mac:  recommended, from what I hear, that you use Kopymac to transfer files from the Mac.