music folder very slow to open in explorer

I just got a 4GB Clip and loaded a little less than 1GB of wma and mp3 files in the music folder. I’m using it in the msc mode. Everything works fine. But when I open the music folder in explorer, it takes a long time for the files to load just so I can view them. I have organized my albums into subfolders. if I open a subfolder it opens right up. But when I try to go back one level, it takes a long time to load again. I’m talking many seconds but not a minute. Any other device I’ve connected thru usb opens folders pretty much instantly. I have the latest firmware loaded 01.01.32A Anyone have suggestions?

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Not sure about this, but I’ve had an issue with Vista and video discs - it used to rush the CDROM drive back and forth just so it can show a preview icon of the film which I didn’t need to begin with. It might be similar with your clip - Windows might be trying to read through all the files you have there just to fetch a tumbnail icon or ID information such as the artist, title, etc.

Try switching to simple Icon view at first (Right-click an empty area in the folder, select View and select Icons) - it might make things a bit faster. Also, are you using the cable supplied with the Clip? I’ve noticed some cables won’t make use of the USB2 speed and are much slower to transfer data with…

To be honest, I haven’t really had that much of a slowdown when browsing my Music folder, but maybe it’s system-dependent. I’ve seen many problems that shouldn’t be happening to “them”, or should be happening to me, but oddly enough, they didn’t. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks IceDragon. On my old server case there are no front usb ports. I use the cable that came with my Clip, which is only a few inches long, plugged into an extension cable that I use for a multi-card reader. It works fine for large photo file transfer, but apparently was the bottleneck for the Clip. Tried another cable which came with a canon camera and plugged it directly into the Clip and now everything opens normally in Explorer. Problem solved.