Clip + - pre-loaded music files not visible in Windows Explorer


just received my new Clip+ 4 GB. I connected it to Windows 7 computer in MSC mode. In Windows Explorer I can see complete folders structure and few files in root folder. Explorer shows as well that used space on CLip+ is 238 MB. However, all folders look empty! I cannot find any single music file on the player. Can anyone advise me how can I find those music files?

Many thanks!

The sample music is only shown when the player is in MTP mode.  Files placed in one mode cannot be seen in the other in windows explorer.If you like the music, you can make a backup copy of it.  It can’t be downloaded if it’s accidently deleted…

Thank you very much :smiley:

 To simplify things for the future, you can:  set the Clip to MTP mode, transfer the files to your computer, delete the copies on the Clip, set the Clip to MSC mode, and transfer the files back to the Clip.  Then everything will be under one system, MSC.