Clip freezes computer when trying to access IM folders

Hello all,

Recently purchased a 4Gb sansa clip, love what I"m getting so far, however, every time I try to access the “music” folder in “internal memory” it freezes up explorer (My computer --> 4gb sansa clip --> internal memory --> music).  The dialog at the bottom bar just says “searching for files.”  It seems to do this on any of the folders I try selecting in there.  

I can drop files in there and they play fine on the clip. I’ve downloaded the firmware upgrader and everything was up to snuff.  On the clip itself the “connected” message and pictogram is being displayed.

If anyone could help me find a solution, it would be much appreciate.  Deleting files manually of the clip itself is a nuisance, to say the least, and would like to batch delete on occasion in the folder itself.  

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Tried uninstalling a reinstalling the firmware updated, just in case I did something out of sequence.  Nothing doing with it, all it wanted to download was a user manual.

Changed it over to MSC mode, just to see what would happen (was in “Auto-detect” ) and now I can really easily add and delete music, but I can’t see any or access via computer any of the songs I copied to the Sansa before I switched over to MSC mode.  They’re all still on the Clip and play, but now I’m really at a loss with what’s happening.

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Patience, Grasshopper.

I too thought my Sansas were freezing up Windows Exploder.

Have a look at the display after clicking on the Albums or Music folder.  See the “Reading” message?  It takes a moment to read all of your files.  Once this is done, the PC caches the data from that directory.

I discovered this when I ventured from 2 to 8GB devices.  The list takes a little time to populate.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: