Multiple Clip Zip Problems

I have a Clip Zip running the newest firmware but I have the following problems:

*When I try to pause a track the pause icon shows but the track carries on playing behind it OR the track will pause succsessfully but will randomly unpause itself.

*First bootup takes over 30 seconds and then navagation through menus songs is very laggy/slow and often freezes and restarts the device.

I have tried formatting and reinstalling the firmware but the problems persist.

I have all my media on a 64GB Micro SD card that was previously used in a Fuze and Clip+ without any of these problems.

What else can I try to fix these problems?


Does the same thing happen with files located in the internal memory? Both with and without the card inserted? Is the card re-formatted to FAT32? Are you wating for the Zip for fully initialize before pressing the PLAY button?

Hi, I think the problem is that after a while the 64GB MicroSD card becomes corrupted (?) and becomes read only.
If I look at the card in Gparted (on Linux) it says there is a problem with the file system but won’t let me format it (because it’s now read only).
After wiping it, formatting it back as FAT32 in Windows (using EaseUS Partition Master) and transferring all my files back to the card everything seems alright. 

Is this something I’m always going to have to do every couple of months? I don’t know what the file limit is but I have about 6000 on there. I also have the very latest firmware.


What is the speed of the card? The original firmware is only reliable with cards that are class 4 or slower. With a 64GB card you might also be exceeding the song limit. Rockbox(a free alternative firmware for the player) might solve all your problems. When Rockbox is installed though, the player might become permanently unable to play DRM protected files.

Most–or even all?–high-capacity cards seem to be Class 10 or so–and often seem to have issues with the Clip (as noted above, cards over Class 4 in speed), unfortunately. 

I might try reinstalling the firmware. It might not do anything to solve your problems, especially if there really is a card problem, but it’s worth a try. Use the Manuall Firmware Update method, described HERE, don’t use the updater unless you know for sure your firmware is outdated (otherwise, the updater won’t do anything).

Also, I’ve been experimenting with Linux recently. It occurs to me that this read-only issue your facing is some kind of Linux feature desinged to prevent an already-bad filesystem from getting (even more) corrupt. The Clip Zip probably doesn’t have any such feature.

I would use fsck to see if I can check the card for file sysem errors. If that fails, try using a Windows machine to perfom a check disk. Or, you can kill the problem by wiping the filesystem completely using the Format option inside the player’s Settings screen. In general, that’s the best way to format anything that’s going to be used with a Sansa product.

@nimicitor wrote:

I don’t know what the file limit is but I have about 6000 on there.

The “official” limit is 8000, but we’ve heard from many that start to experience issues at or around 5000. So while I’ve not heard of problems as you describe being caused by exceeding the database limit, it could be possible.