SD Card problems - fine on Rockbox, totally broken on Firmware

Ok so I have just bought a SanDisk 8gb Clip Zip, and so far I am really not impressed.  I have been playing with this for about 8 hours today, and struggling to get it right.

The SD card would only make the unit hang.  Followed some advice on here: turned it off before putting the card in, no difference.  It says loading media, which takes ages, then half way through it just switches off.

I formatted the player, and formatted the SD card.  Tried again, same problems.  Loaded Rockbox onto the player, the card read in an instant first time, even when inserting it with the player already on.   Tried to load up in regular non-rockbox mode (left arrow and power up) and exact same thing, will not load with the SD card in it.

This is so frustrating.

I am not crazy on Rockbox, I find it quite messy, but the worst part by far is the equilizer presets are a joke.  Nearly all the presets are terrible, and the closest thing there was for what I would consider a normal “Rock” setting was “Accustic”.  Yes I can change it my self, amoungst the rediculously large amount of settings in the equilizer, but having to deal with all of that over and over again is just a night mare.

I have an iPod nano 5th gen, which I am deperate to get away from.  The new iPod stuff is so crap its a joke.  Poor SJ must be rolling in his grave.  Anyway, most significantly, when I listen to the same song, between the two players, I am really trying to be bias on the Clip Zip, but I just cant seem to get the same punchy effect / clarity balance as my ipod. 

  1. Has anyone got any clues about the SD card problem?

  2. Can anyone recommend somewhere or someway to get better preloaded equilzer settings?

Cheers, thanks!

Given up on the standard software.  After ages of playing with settings my CZ is growing on me.  I found these equilizer settings very good, but Mikado,

You didn’t give any details abou the SD card in question. Class 10 cards are problematic.

Ok thanks for that.  Yes, it is a Samsung class 10.  Will try another.


You probably should not use the rockbox preset files at all. Unfortunately since no one actually uses them, they haven’t been updated since the new EQ was committed and are now rather broken.