Couple of questions

I’ve been reading reviews for the Clip Zip and I’m seriously considering it as my next MP3 player. However, before I drop $40-50 on it, I have a couple of questions I hope can be answered… as I could not find the answer on Google.

  1. Couple of the reviews mentioned a noise that is often heard between songs. Apparently it could the way the music was coded? Has there been a fix for this?

  2. From the video reviews, it appears that you have to physically go to your SDcard to play the music from it? It other words when go into the music menu, will it display on the music on the device itself, or will it view the music on the SD card as well?

  3. One review mentioned a problem viewing album art… Apparently it can not be over 100kb? If that’s the case then I’ll have to resize nearly all my album covers.

Thanks in advance.

  1. That bug was fixed in the first firmware update.

  2. No, if you use the database (the default file selection method), all files are visible at once.

  3. That limitation still exists, I believe. But Rockbox (a third-party firmware that installs in a “dual-boot” configuration) doesn’t share the limit.