SD card problem on 4GB Clip Zip

Hi to all.

I bought a 4GB clip zip (firmware version 01.01.21F) and I use on it a Samsung 32GB micro SDHC card.

From the device I can see the SD card and I can format it normally, always from clip zip.

The problem is that when I’m going to connect the clip zip with sd card to a win7 pc, windows ask me to format the external SD volume. And anytime that I click OK it says “unable to complete the format”.

I tried from two win7 pc but the problem is the same.

There’s something else I can do?

Thanks to all.

P.S.: sorry for my english, I’m Italian.

Hi, have you tried using the command line to format your card?


You might try using the SD Association’s own formatter tool:

Ehmmm… no. You mean maybe from DOS prompt?

What kind of command line you mean?

Thanks for your answer.

I download it and I’ll try it as soon as possible.

Thanks for your help.

My guess is that your card is a class 10 or faster card. Sandisk players have issues with many cards faster than class 4. For best compatibility, use a Sandisk class 4 card. I use only class 4 cards in my Sandisk players, although others report that most(if not all?) class 10 cards will work fine in the Clip Zip or Clip+ when Rockbox is used. Rockbox is a free alternative firmware(operating system) for the player.  I do use Rockbox, but only use class 4 cards. Rockbox gives many more settings, and much more flexibility to the player.

New micro SDHC(and full size SDHC) cards don’t need to be formatted. They should only be formatted when the card is not working properly.