MTP mode troubles!!

hi all.

      i am a new user of FUZE.  i hav recently formatted the pc and now the device is not detected when it is in MTP mode. i downloaded windows media player 11.  but still the device is not detected.some time after connecting the device to system,the green symbol of the device appears at the bottom.but it cant be found anywhere… i  couldnt find the device manager option any where…pls help me!!!

You might try connecting in MSC mode just to see if the problem is MTP specific.  If you have the same problem in MSC mode, then it’s probably hardware related.  If it works OK in MSC mode, then the problem is probably related to the MTP drivers installed by WMP.

Also, when using MTP mode, make sure to explicitly select it in the Fuze’s settings.  Don’t use Auto mode as it can be unreliable on some computers.