MTP Mode problem with PC

I’m using Windows XP pro, I already have Windows Media Player 11, I tried installing the MTP driver through the disc that my Sansa Fuze came with but it still doesn’t work. It use to work just fine before, back when I was using it with my old Windows Vista as my OS on this computer. I installed all my drivers and only the MTP one seems to not work, I want to get the music out of the MTP mode onto my computer so I could have music again and take albums out and such the easy way. But it only seems to work in MSC mode, if you have any suggestions on how this problem might get fixed I would love to hear it. I thank you for your time and if you need any more information from me just ask and I’ll answer, oh and my firmware was already updated to the one that’s out right now for it.

AFAIK the disk with the Fuze doesn’t have any drivers on - just the user manual.

What happens when you set the Fuze to MTP mode (Settings->System Settings->USB Mode) and plug it in?

In what way does it not work?

Nothing it just says “connected” but it doesn’t charge or anything and my pc keeps saying “MTP device connected” but if I go to my computer it’s not even in there. or anything

What does the Device Manager say? Does the Fuze show up at all?

It says “MTP Device” and it keeps popping up over and over but I can’t install the driver because it keeps popping up, when I put it in MSC mode it works fine, but I can’t view any of the songs I already have in my Fuze…

Have you got any other unusual USB devices you plug into you PC? It is possible some he drivers are clashing.

Others on the forum have had problems with Playstation 3 drivers. But I can’t verify this for myself -  I don’t have a PS3 :neutral_face: