Fuze dosen't work in MTP mode

I got a sansa fuze for chrictmas and it won’t work on my computer running vista. It works on the two other computers in my house one running vista and the other xp but not mine. I can put it in msc mode on my computer and the drivers and everything install fine but when I put it in mtp mode and check the drivers I get a code 10. I’ve tried the net local users in the command prompt and that didn’t work. I’m reluctant to trade it in since I think the problem may be computer so if anyone could help me that would be great.

Windows Media Player 10 or 11 need to be installed. If you are dead against that, there is an MTP Porting Kit on Windows website, I think the program works a little better though.

Windows Media Player 11 is installed on the computer and i’ve already tried the Mtp Porting Kit but it didn’t do anything.

Make sure you have proper Permissions (User vs. Admin) outside of that I dont have any Idea.

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You can also search the forum for other Code 10 moments. Type it into that search box up on the left. 

And look at the SanDisk page