MicroSDHC problem

I have a 4gb Fuze and I bought a 16gb microSDHC card for it. When I put the card in and tried to put music on it, I noticed that it said there was only about 14gb of space total for the mp3 player and the memory card. But I should have 20gb… Anybody know what’s up? Thanks!


What gave you those numbers? The unit? Your computer? 

Are you sure you weren’t looking at a number for the MicroSD card alone?

14GB total for the entire device is low. But you aren’t going to get 20GB because, believe it or not, a gigabyte is not a gigabyte. 

See “Consumer Confusion” in Wikipedia’s Gigabyteentry.  What it means is that your 16GB card will probably show up as 14.88GB. 

So ture on the gigabyte.  A IT guy had a 160 gb portable memory to work with, and it really had only about 140 gb. 

I have a4GB Fuze as well. I just added a 16GB SanDisk sdhc chip today. Mine shows 15,185MB free on the sdhc card after I’ve loaded a bunch of songs to the card today.

if you are looking at the info screen on the player internal and external memory are calculated separately.