media player not recognizing sansa

Hi I just got my sansa connect on Saturday and love it, I was able to download mp3s from my computer no problem at first, then when I disconnected it from the computer and later that day was going to add more the media player did not recognize it as being connected ( I have windows media 11) and we restarted the computer and tried it again and no such luck. So I went to my computer and tried it out, I acutally was able to download from my media player once before it no longer recognized the player so I upgraded my media player(i had 10) and after that was able to recognize the player no problem. well now its the same thing, it is not recognized in the windows media player.  What can I do to solve this problem???

Thank you

Completely power off your Sansa Connect by holding power button 8-10 seconds.

Then power up and try connecting again.

What firmware version is on your Connect. Latest version is ZAP

New User Manual, FAQs and utilities are posted at

Check out the FAQs.