Media Converter does not recognize MP3 or other audio files on my computer

I am having problems transferring ANY music files onto my e250 using the Sansa Media Converter. When I click on “convert” and the window pops up to browse and go to “My music”, it does not seem to recognize the .mp3 or Windows Media Audio files.  I am able to find the “Music Folder” where my music is saved, it just doesn’t list the music files themselves.  When I scroll through the “files of type” under the browsing mode, it doesn’t even list “mp3” as a file option under “all media files”.  When I am in the Music Folder, I can play the music using Windows Media so I know the files are not corrupt.  When I try dragging the .mp3 files over from my “music folder” to the Sansa Media Converter, I get this message: “…mp3 cannot be imported, please install the correct codec first. If the file can play back on your computer, probably sansa Media Convert does not support this format, or it is corrupt”. Why would it not support an MP3 format? What am I doing wrong? I tried converting a photo .jpg file over and that worked fine.  

As a side note, when I first downloaded the Sansa Media Converter, it did not recognize my e250 until I switched the mode to MSC on the e250.  Not sure if this has anything to do with it as well.

This is my first mp3 player so I’m very disappointed that I’m already having issues!! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

um, the sansa media converter is NOT for music or audio… its for pictures and videos. You can use Windows Media Player or just drag and drop for music. There are how-to videos linked in hte signature below.

Using a free audio converter to convert MP3 to other formats and then try to play again. This method is commonly used, hope it can help you solve the problem.