Being told to convert video file even after I've converted them on Sansa Media converter

Hi There,

I have been trying to convert a filmed lecture from its current format into the format that my sansa e200 MP3 player accepts. I downloaded the Sansa Media Converter 2 this afternoon so that this would occur successfully. The program appeared to work fine and I could locate the converted files on my player under the ‘video’ icon however when I go to play it the statement “please use sansa media converter to convert this file” appears. I went back to check if the file was corrupted but when I open the file in Windows Explorer it opens without an issue and plays happily (although the image is on its side… which I dont really care about). It is a 50 minute lecture (53.8 MB) and the Sansa converter put it as 2 files on my player but neither work. I am a little confused considering I did use sansa media converter in the first place & am stuck on what to do…

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated - it has been doing my head in all night.


So you see the file in your Fuze but can’t play it? What file type is it? 53mb seems too small for 50 min. 50 min should be around 200-300mb.