Converted Video files not playable on Sansa e250R

I converted Video files using the Sansa Media Converter and everything appeared to work fine.  The files showed up in the Video folder on the e250R.  When I boot up the e250R and select Video, it says it’s Empty.  The files show up in Photos under a Video folder but I when I try to play them it says “Please use Sansa Media Converter to convert this photo file”.  How do I get the videos to play on the e250R?

i’m having the same problem.

help? :cry:

I just got the same player two days ago, and I’m having the same problem… I been trying and trying and still can’t see the videos on my player. After I convert the files it shows fine on my player (while on the PC) but when I unpluged my player and I look for the video is not even in the video area, but on the music area, under a unknow folder…

Any help?


Same issues noted here:



So the files that can be play on e250r player are  .avi  right?   What if I download files from like limewire and they are .avi already, Will it play?



If not, I definitelly going to download the “videora converter from iPod”


Thank you…

Try updating your firmware and see if that fixes the issue.

Hello Everyone,

I was having the same problem, I just purchased the sansa e250v2 from Best Buy and I couldnt get the video to work , It was taking up the space on the device and I could access it through my computer but when I went to the video icon on the Sansa the only one there was the demo. I called customer support and was told the problem is the sansa media converter there is a flaw in the converter that was released on the instalation CD. I completely uninstalled the sansa converter from my Pc and installed the new converter from the sandisk website and now the videos are working perfect. I have allready loaded 6  - 20 min videos all in different starting formats to make sure the converter was working with them all. This thing is great now. Too bad they didnt tell us about the software problem sooner, I spent 2 days working on this and it was a quick fix. Hope this helps you all.

I will post a link to the sansa media converter download  in a few minutes.

Ok Here is the link and directions to the download, just remember to completely uninstall the Sansa media converter that came on the installation disk.


after you get to that page click on  “Skip registration”

when you get to that page click on  “Download another Driver”

Then go to the “select product type” drop down window and select sansa

“choose operating system” dropdown menu select your OS

Then click   “find Driver”

Highlight the bubble in front of the sansa media Converter and continue

Then just click the blue download bubble and intall the converter. This should fix your video problems.

Hope this helps someone.

Have a Great Christmas

I have downloaded this Media Converter already but still have problem with video. At first look everything goes fine and files apears on my sansa device but video list in player menu is empty :frowning:

Did you completely uninstall any previous versions of the SMC through your install/uninstall programs on your computers control panel, cause if you just delete it from your programs area it is still there and the new Smc will not work properly.

Yes I have uninstalled it completety from add/remove programs on control panel… and… I still have problem with video playback on E280 :frowning: Player does’t show any files in Video menu.

Thank you!  That was exactly the information I needed.  Very precise!  The video’s now play great.