When i convert a 30 minutes video file using sansa media...

When i convert a 30 minutes video file using sansa media converter it gets converted but when i open in the sansa player it is saved as two parts but always the first part is not playable it says “please use media converter to convert this video file”.

The second part is playable.

Please help me iam not able to watch movies using my Sansa e260

Ignore my previous message. Uptading the firmware from 01.00.12E to 01.02.18E fixed the problem.

I remain however surprised that there was no information on the FAQ about this which seems to be a general problem. Sandisk basically ships devices that do not work and does not even warn their users about how to fix the problem. Are end-user expected to dig this info out of the forum themselves ? A rather surprising approach.

Regards, – foobar