hi everyone i bouhght the e250 sansa and i try to put videos on… i have sansa media converter and the mp3 player gets recognized but when i add a ideo and then press convert i get an error message that doesent say anything just UNfinished:1 soo anyone kno how to correct this problem??

i have the picture of the error here  

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Is your player in MSC mode?

That’s a RealPlayer format video. You need to convert it to something else first, Sansa’s software won’t conver Realplayer videos…

I find it amusing that you have an Access file called “Tube Sucker”.  ^.^

I actually have the same problem. Trying to convert a 70MB AVI file (it happens with any file) I can do it successfully at home (Vista) but not at work (XP Pro). I have installed DivX and Quicktime, but the same problem happens. Anyone have an idea why?