Mac User-Sandisk Cruzer 8Gb Drive Not Seen by iMac

I purchased 2 Cruzer Drives.

This all started when I couldn’t rename the 1st Cruzer. Turns out it must hace been Windows formatted, which restricts file name sizes.

I thought the issue could be resolved by reformatting the drive using Mac’s formatting.

When I couldn’t get the first one to show up in the Device list in the Finder, I erased and reformatted it.

It still won’t appear. It appears in the System Profiler, but it’s greyed out. I can’t even copy the files from the 2nd Cruzer to the 1st, reasoning this would correct the problem. I can’t verify or repair the drive using Apple’s Utilities.

The 2nd Cruzer works fine.

I didn’t think the files on the drive as purchased are essential to using the drive. Am I wrong?

Can I recover this Cruzer?