SanDisk Cruzer U fully recognized on Mac, but not on Windows


I have a 16GB Cruzer U for less than an year and have been using it with my home Mac normally. Recently I formatted it with NTFS, copied a bunch of files on it and took it to work. When I pluged it to a windows 7 pc the drive was recognized, but when I tried to open it I got a message that it was not formatted. I tried to format it and it only showed 200MB available. Formated it anyway and copied some files on it just as a test. Back home I got two partitions perfectly working on Mac: the one I formated at home with a little less than 16GB and the one I formated at work, with 200MB.

I tried it several times using NTFS and FAT formating with the same results. Tried repartitioning it too. I always get acces to the whole drive at my MAC at home, and just 200MB at at windows 7 pc at work.

I would appreciatte any thoughts.