Mac OS and Sandisk software


  1. Connecting to WFD via Safari (MAC OS Yosemite). It connects. But it just shows contents of a drive. Nothing else. I cannot delete or add files. Or change settings of drive. Even cannot check battery status!. Please make a small utility for MAC OS!

  2. I tried to connect to WFD using Finder in MAC OS. “Connect to server” function. Using this address: http://sandiskf914ab.local/wfd/. (WFD connected to macbook via Wifi). Finder asked for login and password. I inputed “owner” and password from WFD Wifi network. In Finder WFD seems to be mounted! But I cannot see contents! Only root WFD folder.

  3. In mobile app. For the settings please add fuction to choose wifi channel.

Thank you in advance

connecting to the WFD via wifi on a computer has very limited functionality. it seems the focus of this product is the mobile experience.I have never heard of any talk of changing that experience. 

My computer is Macbook Pro. Created for mobile usage. What I’m asking for is extending functinality for computer. Imho it is very nice if a functions will be the same independetly of platform. Just imaging simple situation. You are working on desktop with WFD plugged in. And you are planing to use your WFD at the nearest time via wifi. But to check battery status you have to unplug device from computer. Switch on wifi, connect mobile device, start application, do several taps… Just to check battery status!

Fail attempting install SecureAccess on boot partition twice, security setting “app store only” off. 

How to get this app installed on boot partition anyone? 

Need a secure partition accessible from boot, not alternate partition where  will be installing WIN7


Yosemite 10.1.1 brand new Mac Mini

Hmm, just plugged in WFD (Mac Mini Yosemite 10.1.1) and deleted several files and folders, renamed drive, renamed one folder.

At this minute am watching TWO MP4 videos from SanDisk plugged into Mac Mini USB using QT Viewer 7 migrated from older Mac (best QT Viewer BTW)

You are lucky…I can’t even connect to my mac