Upload from Web Browser

I just purchased my wireless flash drive and I like it, however it would be nice to be able to upload files to the drive using the web browser and also create folders. A previous wireless device I had allowed this function, as i’m not always able to insert the drive into a usb port.

I also support this feature as this will provide for support across multiple devices including windows mobile 8 phones for which Sandisk currently dont provide an app.


I suppor this demand.

Normally, it is possible to connect the Wireless Flash Drive to a computer. Here is what SanDisk wrote:

'How do I connect to my SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive without using an app?

You can connect to the Wireless Drive Wi-Fi network on your mobile device, PC, or Mac without downloading the Wireless Flash Drive app, by using a web browser. There are two methods of connecting without using an app.

Method 1, Connecting without Internet connection

  1. Make sure your SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive is turned on.
    2. Connect to the  SanDisk Flashxxxx  Wi-Fi network.
    NOTE: You must connect to the Wi-Fi network without Internet connection.
  2. Open an Internet browser.
  3. Go to www.sandisk.com/wfd/ to connect to the wireless drive.’

But, on my MacBookPro, it doesn’t work! I get this answer: DRIVE NOT CONNECTED

Many thanks in advance to the Guru or administrator to explain us why it doesn’t work.

Best regards to all



I found why it didn’t work!

I was well connected to the SanDisk Flash WIFI Network, but also to an Internet by Ethernet (RJ45) connection. When I disconnected this Ethernet connection, suddenly I could connect to the WFD from my computer, without plug it to the USB plug!

are you connected to the internet? or do you have an ethernet cable plugged in? if so it will try to resolve sandisk.com/wfd and show it is not connected. to use that you must be connected to the SSID created by the WFD with no internet. 

if you have internet connection configured you have to use the ip address. the ip address can be found in the settings > about page in the WFD app.