Wireless Flash Drive, can't connect to browser?


i’m trying to set up my wireless flash drive to be accessible from the browser instead of using the phone app, but hasn’t worked so far; can someone please direct me to a set of clear instructions on how to do this?  i went though the quick start guide and kb article on the sandisk website, but i’ve been running into issues- not sure i’m following the right instructions.

i’ve been using the phone app (Android) to play with the drive settings.  it shows a 172.x.x.x/wfd address for browser acccess to the drive, whch doesn’t connect, but the quick start guide shows www.sandisk.com/wfd?  i also tried enabling an internet connection on the drive to go through my home wireless network, but my phone continusouly kicks me off the flash drive network and reconnects to my home wireless network- and i don’t have smart network switch enabled on the phone.

i’m lost, please help?



Since I don’t have one of these I’m guessing with these thoughts.

 it shows a 172.x.x.x/wfd

Is that what you’re inputting?  If so the x.x are meant to be the actual IP address you have for the drive.  ie an address like

Being a drive rather than a webpage I suspect the prefix for the URL is ftp:// rather than http://.  Is that what you’re using?

hth but if not I understand.