Connect to Wireless Media Drive via http

The Wireless Flash drive allows you to connect to it wirelessly via a web browser with the following url

I cannon find any documentation that show if you can do this with the Media Drive.  I tried the following URL and it didnt work.

Why would one device support this and not the other.  Please help!!

This feature has not yet been implemented on the Media Drive. It is planned to be released in a FW update later this year. 

Looking forward to this functionality as well. The wmd is very flexible. It will be convenient to have this capability as the wireless flash drive does.


Updated ETA for WMD support for HTTP?

rohafer - I talked to the project manager over the phone a bit ago, and he said that their release cycle for iOS will attempt to be Monthly. Most probably if they are sticking to the deadline of this year, then the December release will contain such (as the November release was just approved by Apple).


It looks like it has already arrived with the firmware update 2.9 -


They added support but it fails on the iPad because it forces you to the app.

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Thanks to the update, all you have to do is go to and bob’s your uncle.

But I don’t understand why SanDisk deliberately blocked iPad owners from using this method. It would solve some of the limitations with the current app, such as the lack of “Open in…”.

This works on my iPad using my Chrome browser, but with the Safari browser, I am forced by the pop up dialog to use the iPad App.  It does not work very well with the Chrome browser.

From a laptop, pointing a Chrome or IE browser to this address works fine for most files, except ironically HTML files.  A different dialog pops up and forces me to download the HTML file first.  Then the browser opens the file from my hard drive.

An additional irony is that when the WMD is connected with a USB cable, the html files open from the WMD without any problem when I use Windows Explorer and click on the the html files in the WMD file directories in the drive assigned the WMD as a storage device.

I am going to open a new topic.  Cannot open HTML files on the WMD drive even when connecting with a browser from a laptop.

I would like to use this device in South Sudan as a mini server for Khan Academy on a stick and other educational materials.