IPAD brower access to WMD

Can someone please give a hint:

I have a collection of web (HTLM) file on the WMD i want my browser (Safari, Firefox,…) on IPAD to open.

(Basically YAMJ)

That has failed misserably.  I have 2 problems

  1. if I point the browser to I sort of get the front page (similar to that of the app), but it is grey and 2 white beams across the screen says:

“For a better experience please launch the media drive app”

“Get the media drive app”

( I have the media drive app, if i click that white bean, it tries to open the apple app store anyway, hilarious)

I can not browse to the index.htm or whatever I want… !  

WHY ?  Any clues please… Thanks.

  1. In my desperation did I try to use the app ‘Media drive’.

If I click the *.htm in the app, it gives me the option of firefox (what happend to Safari?) and ‘open in printer pro’

Selecting Firefox gives me the option to add "file:///var/mobile/Containers/Data/…bla…bl.a… to the reading list.

Hurrar. However…no cigar. The thing can not be opend in any browser (yes, the file is valid, Wester Digital wireless drive have no problem with this, nor my PC when the file is on a normal drive)

Any help is most appriciated.

I am really really surprised it is difficult to perform this simple task of åben a HTML file is a browser.


this device is not really designed to be a mobile web server. Unfortunately I don’t think it is going to work for this use case. 

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