Cannot open HTML files on the WMD drive even when connecting with a browser from a laptop

From a laptop, pointing a Chrome or IE browser to works fine for most files, except ironically HTML files.  When clicking on an HTML file a dialog pops up and forces me to “Cancel” or “Download” the HTML file.  

“Cancel” takes me back.

" Download" downloads the file and then the browser opens the file from my hard drive.

An additional irony is that when the WMD is connected with a USB cable, the html files open from the WMD without any problem when I use Windows Explorer and click on the the html files in the WMD file directories in the drive assigned the WMD as a storage device.

It is possible that if this dialog was not called, the HTML files would open just as pdf mp4 and other files do. It seems to me it would be worth a try.  With the files organized in directories opening an “index file” in the main directory should provide access to all of the other files including images and videos embedded in these other pages.

It’s worth a try.

I would like to use this device in South Sudan in schools that have no Internet access.  The WMD could be a mini web server for Khan Academy on a stick and other educational materials.  Right now we are doing this with a RACHEL (Raspberry) Pi. (See ).  The WMD would be a nice, robust, and user friendly alternative for about the same price.