Can the wireless media drive be used with AirPlay?

Good morning!

On my ipad, I have no problem connecting up to the Sandisk, and then have connected into my wifi network through the “connect to internet” option, but alas, after restart and connection to the Sandisk, I don’t see any ability to select Airplay, either with the sandisk app itself, or any other app which i know is supported by Airplay.

is there some issue when connecting to network through sandisk that causes airplay mirroring to become unavailable?


There are 2 ways to use internet connection. 

  1. Internet pass through - this is where you connect to the SSID created by the WMD. If you have used connect to intent and connected to your LAN in the WMD admin settings the internet connection will be passed through to the mobile device.

  2. side link - after using connect to internet in the admin settings disconnect from the SSID created by the WMD and reconnect to your LAN. When you open the WMD app it will find the WMD via your LAN. 

Try using method 2 and see if airplay is then available.