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    First off I would like to say thank you for creating this product. I’ve been looking for something similar to this for a long time to use in my families’ long travels during vacations.

    Even though the primary functionality is there, I wish it had a feature that would make most of the issues I have with the product disappear.

    Is there any way possible to have the option to setup the wireless media drive as a UPnP/DLNA device?

    This would allow me to use the  third party apps I have purchased  that support media streaming through UPnP with the video and audio formats I need supported. As of now, all of my videos would need to be converted in order to view them on the Sandisk app. I’ve seen the suggestion to use real player cloud, but that is not a convenient solution as I have to be connected to the internet and upload the file before steaming it. Most of my movies are larger than half a GB.

   Also, what are you using as the connection and streaming protocol? Is this an open standard where I could possible develop or find an app that could access the Sandisk WMD?

Thanks for any help or suggestions you can provide.




Which 3rd party app are you referring to?  You didn’t mention what platform you’re on, but on my iPad I’m using nPlayer’s SFTP mode to stream my videos from the WMD, and it works flawlessly.  I haven’t thrown a whole lot of different video formats at it, but I know it works with mp4, mkv, and vob, to name a few.  The point is, even if it isn’t on SanDisk’s list, it may work.

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How are you connecting via sfpt? When I try to connect it just says unknown host. 

Looks like I misspoke above.  I connect via ftp, not sftp.  Then, it’s just a matter of entering the proper ip address (first time only).

ok that one works but nPlayer does not support DRM protected itunes videos as well. Hope Apple resolve the safari issue soon.