Can only connect my iPad if cellular data is switched off

Hi all,

I bought the WMD and put all my data on it in order to be able to access it from my iPad Pro (WiFi+Cellular). However, I can only connect via WiFi to the WMD if I turn cellular data off. Otherwise the WLAN settings show me that I am connected to “SanDisk Wireless”, but the app says that I am not connected. The WiFi icon in the status bar of the iPad does not appear.If I turn off cellular data, I am connected immediately and everything works fine. 

If I understand the “new features section” in the app correctly, it should even be possible that I access the internet via cellular data when I am connected to WMD.

Any help will be appreciated.



You are correct the latest version should support cellular coexistence. Do you have a iPhone or other iOS device to test with? Would be interested to see if the issue is related to the iPad pro only. 

Also can you post some screen shots of the process you are using? It may help us see something that may be causing the issue. 

Thanks for the reply.

Indeed, I tested it with my iPhone 6s and it works like a charm. Now I suppose that it is an issue with my cellular SIM in the iPad Pro. This card is associated to a profile with a proxy server which is only accessible for a closed user group and not publicly visible. When I am at home, with the WiFi of WMD bridged to my home network, it is sufficient to turn cellular data off, connect to WMD and then I can turn back on cellular data with no problem. I suppose, because my iPad Pro then uses the home WiFi, which has no proxy set, for internet access. 

Sorry I am not able to post some screenshots right now. This is also difficult, because the error messages appear only for a second.

No solution yet, but a workaround. While the app still says “not found”, it is possible to access the WMD via ftp. I use the filebrowser app to access the WMD. Since I use the WMD mainly as file storage, this is good enough for me.

My impression is that WMD is getting confused because my cellular data connection uses a proxy.