Is it possible to access wireless and drop files from pc to SanDisk WFD 64GB with windows explorer

Is there a way to connect wireless from pc to the SanDisk Wireless Flash Drive 64GB with the windows explorer.

For example with the windows explorer to \\wfd. If I try this I can’t drop any files in it.

If I connect wireless from pc to the SanDisk Wireless Flash Drive 64GB with internet explorer, I can only view files with so this is not an aption.

Can anyone help me?

this may help 

:laughing:This is the best tip a have had in a long time. Thanks.


I have done every step of the suggest link, and not only those and not only by me.

Once the direct connection is set up with the device I open the cyberduck app, open the connection with all the suggested inputs and i can see the folders on the device as aspected but if i try to access any folder it goes on reading for almost 2-3 minutes and finally it come up with an error of read timeout and at the same time the device automatically turns off with a single red led blink.

Uploading files via wifi from a desktop is an essential feature, any help ?

Thanks a lot.


Finally!!! Per the above noted link, the instructions are: 

Using Cyberduck: (Windows & OS X)

  1. Download Cyberduck (free from their website ; NOT free from Mac App Store)
  2. Install Cyberduck (and check the box to also install Bonjour)
  3. Connect your PC/Mac either directly to the drive (selecting the wireless network the drive creates in your PC/Mac wireless settings) or have your drive and PC/Mac connect to the same wireless network (requires setting this network as a preferred network via a native android or iOS app)
  4. Run Cyberduck
  5. Click on Open Connection
  6. Select “WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning)” connection type
  7. If connected to the drive directly:
             - Type in "" for the Server
    If connected to another network the drive is also connected to:
             - Type in the IP address of your Wireless Flash Drive as the Server
    The IP address of your Wireless Flash Drive can be found using the Wireless Flash Drive app on the Settings > Internet Connect
  8. Check the box for Anonymous Login and uncheck the box to Save Password
  9. Click  Connect
  10. You are now connected to your Wireless Flash Drive

I used the 2nd option within #7. My only variation from this is that I added the folder to the end of the ip address

Folder name was “Uploaded from Android” so the final ip address entered for the server was

http://192.168. *. /wfd/Uploaded%20from%20Android/  I was then able to drag and drop.

I am also havinh the same problems as so many, I bought the WFD 64 to connect to my iPhone and to my Surface Pro2 and Toughbook as advertised …  Not wanting to run anyother crap (Cyberduck) to allow this connection to the Surface…  It may be a fix but not the fix I am looking for.  NOT VERY IMPRESSED.