HELP! Sandisk WFD Not showing any files on over wifi!

Using a MAC operating system.

32 gig Sandisk wieless flash drive.

Ipad air

When my sandisk wireless flash drive is connected wirelessly, and I go to on my Mac - no files are shown at all. No folders either. The page just says:


SanDisk Connect  Wireless Flash Drive

The rest of the page is empty. 

I’ve formatted the Flash Drive to Ms Dos(fat). It says on a forum to download a file called wfd1105.df2, and put it onto the flash drive. Then eject the flash drive and it should start to install, in order to re-configure the drive.  The file does not run when I eject the drive. 

When I use the IPad to access the wireless flash drive, a ppop-up states “Wireless flash. A firmware update is available for your Wirless Flash Drive. Do you want to update now?”. 

I click OK, and get the message “Memory card format not supported - The memory card file system is not supported. Reformat to a supported file system”. 

Where do I go from here?? Completely at a loss. 

Are you sure the file system is MS Dos (FAT32)? That is the only supported file system for the WMD 32GB. It sounds like possibly exFAT or OS X file system was used. If it is in MS dos file type there may be something about mac format that the app does not like. Do you have access to a windows computer you can format the drive with? Use FAT32 as the file system.